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29 Feb 2024

Blog Post

5 Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

5 Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins 

You are running a website on WordPress, but have no idea if it is doing well or not. Or would you like to know what is the behavior of the traffic coming to your WordPress websites? The behavior of the traffic can be taken in a sense of detailed information of from where the visitors are coming to your site, in how many numbers and what they do on your very WordPress website. To be able to track all this, analytic tools are required which are known as Google Analytics Plugins.

Today we have shortlisted the 5 Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress sites so they can help you in collecting useful data and enhance the particular businesses you are in!

1 Analytify


To give a thorough understanding of how your WordPress Website is performing Analytify is a highly recommended google analytics plugin that does not require manual adding of Google Analytics tracking code to your site. Within your website WordPress dashboard, it allows you to track real-time visitors, along with reports of individual pages, posts, and custom types. Not limited to this, the premium version of the Analytify plugin can do much more than showing simple web analytics. Such as with the premium add-ons for the tracking of WooCommerce sales, Easy Digital Downloads, and UTM campaigns tracking to get an overview of your sales, transactions, and total revenue.

Analytify premium version price starts from $59/year and it supports different plans and add-ons, as per the requirement of different kinds of WordPress Websites.

2 MonsterInsights

monster insights

Same as Analytify, MonsterInsights is also as easy to set by authenticating it with one click to automatically add the code to your WordPress Website. For the advanced Google Analytics tracking features without customizing your tracking code, this Google Analytics plugin is ideal. It supports the website’s traffic details from the WordPress dashboard, and the content report showing the top-performing landing pages, outbound links on your website (visitor’s behavior reporting), and eCommerce report most importantly.

The free version of the MonsterInsights analytics plugin is supportive for website traffic, demographic reports of your visitors, and tracking links or button clicks. For the other features, the premium version of this plugin is a condition that starts from $100.

3 Site Kit by Google
site kit

Developed by Google itself, Site Kit is here in this list as it is a regularly updated analytics plugin allowing you to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site. With basic stats for your entire website and specific pages/posts from inside your WordPress dashboard. But Site Kit by Google is not limited to this, as it just does not show WordPress site’s stats but it helps you to connect with other 5 different Google services

  • Google Search Console
  • Google AdSense
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Tag Manager


Setting of the Site Kit, the free google analytics plugin is not dependent on any code but it also requires few clicks, once it is authorized, the WordPress Dashboard of your website gives you exclusive Traffic overview and top-performing content.

4 Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

analytics dashboard

Designed by ExactMetrics, this very analytics solution cum plugin uses the latest Google Analytics tracking code to monitor your WordPress site traffic. Not relying on manually code adding, this google analytics plugin starts functioning by displaying real-time visitors, sources of traffic, and acquisition channels. All over the WordPress dashboard after just a few clicks to install and authorize. It is also responsible to show exclusive data like total page views, website bounce rate, organic searches, and traffic sources/medium. Not just that, it also helps to show top-performing content within the WordPress dashboard helping to optimize popular posts and content automation for the WordPress Website.

If you’re looking for the best free Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is highly recommended on account of many premium features. Such as Affiliate links tracking, file downloads, and form submissions. The fact that it doesn’t support integration with other plugins like WooCommerce, Adsense, and Google Ads, etc, makes it still a pretty good option when it comes to free plugins for overviewing and analytics reports of your website Google Analytics data right in your WordPress dashboard.


Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

ecommerce analytics plugin If you are running an online store or a WordPress website whose soul is buying and selling of the products then Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin is your thing.  To study user behavior and help you to optimize your online store, this analytic tool uses the eCommerce tracking feature of Google Analytics. And completely the behavior of the visitors for performance reports in terms of shopping, checkout, product, and sales.

Moreover, this plugin also tracks the product clicks, total impressions, and add-to-cart events on your product page, category page, featured product section, etc. But these are its premium features for which this Google analytics plugin must be purchased for $135 a year.

We hope you have enjoyed our overview of the Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins. What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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