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23 Jun 2024

Blog Post

5 Amazing Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites

5 Amazing Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites 

Social media is an integral part of every online or offline business today. Ignoring it would mean missing out on obtaining many potential repeat clients, so you should consider social media plugins for WordPress to help advertise your website and grow your online following. These plugins provide social media capabilities to your site, allowing users to share your content with their social networks.

Ignoring it would mean missing out on obtaining many potential repeat clients.

You’ll need a WordPress social networking plugin to advertise your website and grow your online following. These plugins provide social media capabilities to your site, allowing users to share your content with their social networks.

WordPress is most popular among bloggers and is the best option for Freelancers and IT firms. These businesses want to expand their business online with the help of social media, which is why we will give you the best social media plugins for your WordPress website to enhance your online presence with this article. 

Five Amazing Social Media plugins for WordPress Websites: 

1. Revive Social: 

You may get regular traffic to your older blog posts using the well-known plugin Revive Social. With this plugin, you can automate scheduling and distribute your previous posts directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Revive Social saves you time by automatically publishing your previous material on social media. You may share any material on your site, including posts, pages, and custom post types. 

Using the Revive Old Posts plugin, hashtags from a specific category or tag can be auto-added. The finest part of the experience is having unlimited power over every aspect of your life; even if you don’t want to leave your site, you will accomplish it.

As you publish new content to your website, older posts fall off the homepage, resulting in fewer hits and traffic to those posts. Re-sharing them on social networking networks will breathe fresh life into them and help you get new visitors.

You may also share older content as often as you like to ensure you don’t miss out on users in various time zones.

You may connect your Google Analytics account to the URL-shortening services you use for sharing and measure the popularity of your articles and the number of clicks they receive.

The plugin supports social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Social Warfare: 

WordPress social sharing plugin Social Warfare is entirely responsive. This plugin allows you to add beautiful and configurable social sharing buttons to your website and generate tweetable quotations within your posts, making it very simple for people to share your personalized messaging.

It also allows you to add Pinterest-specific photos and captions, which may help any site gain exposure on the famous image-sharing network. For example, you may use a widget to display your site’s most shared content to gauge its popularity.

In addition, this plugin allows you to measure the performance of your social media shares, automatically adding UTM tracking to every link you publish.

Social Warfare loads quickly and won’t cause any issues with the speed of your site.

3. ARSocial: 

ARSocial, a full-featured social media plugin, will meet all your social media integration needs. This add-on has several social media-related features, including social sharing, a fan counter, and a social locker.

This plugin sustains over 42 distinct social media networks. It allows you to add social sharing icons across the site and within individual sections.

Social networking buttons can be automatically shown in particular areas. The plugin’s content locker is another feature that increases sales.

ARSocial lets you customize the look of your buttons to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can utilize the built-in statistics tool to evaluate the success of your social media sharing.

4. Blog2Social: 

Another great free social networking plugin is Blog2Social. This plugin automatically updates your social network profiles. As long as you’re online, you don’t need it because you can plan and publish blog entries to all of your social media networks automatically and individually.

As a user of Blog2Social, you may post your material to your social media accounts (profiles, company pages, community pages, and groups). You may choose the sort of material and provide a link back to your site to increase the number of visitors.

Using this plugin instead of manually posting your blog content on the most popular social networking platforms will save you much time.

5. SaaSy Social Share:

This plugin is one of the most minor WordPress social sharing plugins, taking up less than a megabyte in file size (MB). The lightweight nature of the plugin, on the other hand, does not affect its functionality; rather, it enhances it.

For example, its lightweight ensures that your website loads as quickly as possible, making it less of a burden on servers.

You can utilize SaaSy Social Share to provide your readers access to over 100 social sharing and bookmarking services.

The social sharing button you add to your website may also be customized in various ways. The sharing symbol’s size, shape, background, and logo color may all be customized.


Integrating your social media profiles into your WordPress website is essential to enhancing your small business’s online presence. We hope this guide has assisted you in your search for the ideal WordPress social network plugin.

If you’re looking for more plugins to help you maintain and build your website, has you covered our list of the finest WordPress plugins of all time?

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