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04 Dec 2023

Blog Post

How to Create a WordPress Image Gallery

How to Create a WordPress Image Gallery 

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, creative, or just want to create an impressive image gallery in WordPress, we have prepared some helpful tips for you.

You may already know this, but WordPress provides a basic gallery block. Using the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor, you can showcase your images in a  grid layout with columns and rows, crop your pictures, and change the image size.

But this is not the only way to create photo galleries. WordPress provides a big bunch of image gallery plugins intended to give you more control over your galleries. We strongly recommend Modula Image Gallery. It is easy to use, fast, and doesn’t require coding skills.

All you need is to install this WordPress plugin and then follow our step-by-step guide on building an image gallery using Modula.

How to create an image gallery in WordPress using Modula

Due to its powerful gallery features, Modula is a perfect choice for everyone. You can choose to download the free version or upgrade to Modula PRO and take advantage of more robust features – pricing starts at $39.

Now, I’ll show you how to create your WordPress image gallery. Let’s get started!

Create a new gallery

After you install Modula, you will see this plugin in your WordPress menu. Every time you want to create an image gallery, go to Modula icon > Add New.

create wordpress gallery

When you create more and more galleries, you will see that naming your gallery is essential. Using a descriptive name will help you know what you are editing.

name your wordpress gallery

Then, you can start uploading image files from your computer or select them from Library. Thanks to Modula drag and drop builder, you can easily arrange your images according to your preferences.

upload images to your gallery

Customize your WordPress image gallery

To begin with, you can choose between 4 grid types: creative, custom, slider, and masonry. Scroll down and go to General Settings.

custom grid

I’ll choose for this tutorial the custom grid functionality to freely resize my images by controlling their heights, widths, and aspect ratio.

custom grid

If you go to Lightbox and Links, you can make your gallery more dynamic by adding transition effects, thumbnails, open/close animation, and much more. You can even choose to open your images in a lightbox. Modula also offers loading effects to make your galleries more creative and engaging.

lightbox and links

There is also the possibility of adding social icons to your images and allow your visitors to share your pictures. Awesome, right? Go to Social and pick the icons you want to showcase.

social icons

To show those icons, you will need to choose a hover effect. Go to Hover effects and choose one that suits your style – I’ll select 21.Ruby.

hover effects

This is how you can create a simple but stunning image gallery using Modula in just a few minutes. Anyway, if you’d like to display your gallery like a professional and beautify your website, I’ll show you why Modula PRO is a fantastic solution.

Make your image gallery more visually-appealing

Upgrading to the premium version will give your galleries a touch of professionalism. You can enable zoom on hover to allow your visitors to see your work in more detail.

zoom extension

If you’re looking for a tool that allows your website visitors to download your images for free, here you will find a Download Extension that is all you need.

You can also take advantage of the Video Extension and embed videos to your gallery. We all know that videos have become an essential marketing tool.

download images

With Modula PRO, you can also add watermarks to your pictures, create password-protected galleries to protect them from image theft, display EXIF data, make your galleries mobile responsive, and much more. All these features really make Modula a great choice when it comes to creating WordPress image galleries.

Add your image gallery in WordPress

Now, you will have to add your image gallery to WordPress. You just need to click Save Gallery, and Modula will generate a shortcode with your gallery link.

save gallery

All you have to do is copy the link and paste it into a page or post. You can create a new one, or you can post it in an existing one. Easy as that!

wordpress image gallery shortcode

In Summary

Creating stunning image galleries will enhance your website and help you attract more visitors. With just a few transition effects, thumbnails, a beautiful Lightbox, and some hover effects, you’ll build more impressive galleries.

In this post, we shared how to create an image gallery in WordPress. Let’s have an overview of this topic:

  1. Use Modula to create your WordPress image gallery;
  2. Add more customization to impress your visitors;
  3. Take advantage of more features to make your website more attractive.

Looks Modula like a good solution for your WordPress galleries? Leave your comments in the section below.

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