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15 Apr 2024

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How to do a comprehensive WordPress SEO Audit in Just 30 Minutes

How to do a comprehensive WordPress SEO Audit in Just 30 Minutes 

Proper SEO strategy can gain high momentum for any type of online business. Succeeding online calls for not neglecting sales at any cost. Almost 65% of marketers say that for inbound marketing, their main focus is always on SEO.

The best way to achieve this is through an SEO audit. This is a procedure that offers you the best insight into your online website, overall traffic & individual pages. Enhancing performance with an SEO audit is easier as it allows websites to rank better in search engines.

In 7 simple steps, you can easily learn how to conduct a free WordPress SEO audit in 30 minutes.

1. Keyword Check 

The first thing to tick off in the SEO audit checklist for eCommerce development companies is to seek out the top significant terms of the concerned prospect’s business in their respective target city. By this, you will be able to learn about the present position & rankings in the search engines. In case the results are organic, the business is more suitable for an SEO campaign that is organic instead of a local campaign.

When running an SEO audit for my website, one of the best tips to follow is using an incognito browser. The location must be set to the business’s own city for attaining results that are precisely the representation of the current rankings. It must not be biased towards the Google+ account & preceding browsing history.

Moving forward with a free SEO audit in 30 minutes calls for assessing whether the business has a “local intent” or not. Organic campaigns can largely gain from local SEO but the implementation & the emphasis of the campaigns can differ to a large extent. This is the space where you will know whether the prospect is correct to fit for your respective services or not.

2. Use Google & search the business

Search the city & name of the business in Google and check whether the link of the Google+ page displays results or not. In this compression SEO audit procedure, if there are no results displayed, it might be for no listing, Google not associating their website properly with the listing, listing in the old style manner or there might be a penalty that is averting the listing from getting displayed.

You can get a hold of the listing if you go to Google+ Local & complete the direct search. The listing might comprise of manifold account owners, could be unclaimed, received some kind of penalty, etc. While on a call discussing this point holds importance.

3. Reviewing the company website

User experience is really very important in terms of better ranking in google. First priority of website developers is to increase user experience. Reviewing the company website will offer you clarity about the stage in which the client is present in the context of the local SEO funnel. By this you will understand what their campaign needs to take; if they require few minor updates or an entire overhaul, etc.

  1. How much would you like to rate the homepage content? Are the keywords spammy or stuffed?
  2. Are there particular content pages allocated for the company’s products or services? Whether the content is informative or spammy?
  3. Does the title tag of the homepage include location, keywords & brand?
  4. Are the Name, address, and phone number situated in the header or footer? Has it been correctly Schema marked?
  5. Anything to say about the structure of the website?
  6. Whether the website has a blog or not? Is the blog active?
  7. Does the website list all their social networks?
  8. Whether the website is built it WordPress or not

4. Social Review

Prior to submitting the on-page audit report, it is important to check the social channels for analyzing how they are actually doing.

  1. Which are the networks they work with?
  2. Which are the networks that are missing but should be there?
  3. How active are the networks?
  4. Do the networks consist of engaged followers?

5. Backlink Health

A backlink audit report can only be fabricated when you evaluate the health of the present backlink profile.

  1. Assess their backlinks
  2. What is the total amount of backlink count?
  3. Recoding the amount of linking root domains
  4. Is the anchor text including commercial terms or seems natural?
  5. Glancing at referring domains is important too. Check the link building pattern (by visiting a few websites), any paid links, blog comments, or link directories.

6. Citation Analysis

The correct SEO on-page technical audit report calls for analyzing the citations. It is extremely vital as it has a direct impact on local rankings. The presence of a clear cut citation profile, precise listings, and no duplicates is very important. There are many local citation finders that can be used for running the prospect’s main phone number or other numbers that are listed on their website & even their Google+ page. The search results will tell you which citations they are carrying and whether the citations are listed on important websites or not.

7. Check the off-site SEO

SEO success largely depends on backlinks. This is the best way of telling Google that your website page is specifically relevant and useful for other users. Off-page audit reports are very vital and you must know that crawlers do not just look for hyperlinks in off-site search engine optimization. Your website can also be crawled for the purpose of brand mentions. It is of utmost importance that you must focus on both off-page and on-page SEO.

SEO audit & its key elements

If you are set to perform an ultimate SEO audit, learning about the 3 key factors is important.

  • Outside references & link quality
  • Back-end factors like indexing & hosting
  • Front-end factors like keywords, metadata, content, etc

Many times you won’t find the time for addressing every pain point. However, the portion that your incoming audience sees is the most vital part of the website’s SEO. But it will not happen if the website is not mobile-friendly. As the mobile-first index algorithm has been introduced, you need to ensure that you understand correctly how the website performs on smartphones for guaranteeing proper ranking on SERPs.

Head start on the various campaigns

A free SEO audit in 30 minutes, not only offers you a robust apprehension of the kind of assistance a particular business needs with the local SEO but also gives you an insight about the work which will be included in the campaign. You can also tell whether the client is ahead of receiving any help from you or not. However, once you have associated with the client, it is always recommended to conduct an exhaustive SEO audit for my website rather than a 30-minute audit. But it does help in kick-starting any campaign, establishing trust from the very first call, etc. Do you want to know what to include in the pre-sales call check? If so, contact us & our expert SEO auditors will work closely with you to make the SEO rankings take off.

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