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24 May 2024

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Build a Dynamic Website Using These Simple Rules

Build a Dynamic Website Using These Simple Rules 

Creating a dynamic website using WordPress–whether for your small business or to promote a creative endeavor, such as writing or art–is a great way to reach customers and patrons, make sales, and build a following. However, the site itself has to be done correctly to be effective. That means you’ll need to research all the details that go into the process before you get started, and The WP Stack is a great place to start, offering tips on everything from plugins to increasing web traffic. While WordPress is user-friendly, it’s still important to understand what makes a website work; here are a few tips to consider when you’re ready to create a site that meets all your needs:

Learn the difference between a static and a dynamic site

As you may have already guessed, not all websites are built similarly. Some are designed to give basic information that stays the same no matter who views it; this is called a static site and is better utilized for a single page than the entire website. For instance, an “About Me” page might be characterized as static because the specific information given doesn’t need to change according to the viewer’s needs. On the other hand, a dynamic site or page changes automatically depending on various factors, such as the viewer’s location. Knowing the difference between these two classifications–and how to utilize one over the other–is essential when building a site that needs a specific function, such as an e-commerce website.

Make your content pop

Your “About Me” page is just one example of the content you’ll need to have when building a dynamic site. While this content may change over time, the basics usually include a page for contact info and business location, a section that details terms of use, a blog, and/or an e-commerce section. Whether selling products or letting viewers know about an upcoming event, your website should always provide the most current information. It should also contain various types of content for SEO purposes, from text to videos to images. Every section should be as accessible as possible so that viewers of all abilities can participate. Finally, the design of your site will ensure that dynamic content draws the viewer’s attention, including your business’s branding (logo, colors, etc.). Once your content is planned, you can choose a domain name and install WordPress.

Guide your viewers

Even with the right content and design, your website won’t be effective if it doesn’t guide viewers on where to go. For instance, if you’re selling a product, you’ll want to ensure that your customers can easily find what they’re looking for with a search bar and easy access to their shopping cart. If you’re trying to build up your email lists for marketing purposes, your landing page should include an offer to sign up for a newsletter or texts informing them about upcoming sales or other events. Telling your website viewers where to go will help you build sales and keep them returning, so every page must be easy to navigate.

Keep it secure

No matter your website’s purpose, it’s essential to ensure that all the information included is kept secure. Whether it’s sensitive financial data from your customers or personal info from your visitors, you must protect your dynamic site with the right security software. Do some research on the best options for your needs and create a plan that will allow you to navigate a cyber attack, keeping in mind that small businesses are at high risk from cyber thieves due to a perceived lack of security.

Creating a dynamic website that meets your needs can take a little time, but it’s worth the effort. Learn more about what makes a site static or dynamic, and consider all of your options for building an engaging WordPress site and keeping it secure.

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