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24 May 2024

Blog Post

5 WordPress Themes for Writers

5 WordPress Themes for Writers 

WordPress is an extremely versatile platform that’s easy to use and offers tons of creative design possibilities. However, the myriad of options available can be hard to navigate. To compensate, we’ve provided 5 WordPress themes for writers.

But before we delve into the themes, there are seven tips you need to consider when choosing themes.

1. Make sure your design will look great on all devices

This is an important consideration. It’s always nice if your WordPress theme fits into the style guidelines of almost any website, but not every site needs to look like it was built for desktop users, either. You want your site to be mobile-friendly, but having a design that looks ultimately out of place on a mobile device can be an instant turn-off for readers. So, take time to evaluate the different device adaptations available in the WordPress dashboard before selecting.

2. Be consistent with your theme

Your WordPress theme will affect how readers perceive your blog. If your site looks like the outcome of a random collection of WordPress elements, readers are unlikely to stay long. Make sure you choose a design consistent with your blog’s theme so it isn’t jarring when they click through from other sites or advertisements. One easy way to see if there’s a consistent style is to look for text colors and typefaces that are the same throughout the site.

3. Don’t choose something too fancy

Any blogger who hosts their blog will quickly discover that blogging mustn’t be arduous. While there’s a learning curve involved, creating a blog is neither difficult nor complicated. As a result, you don’t want to choose a WordPress theme with many bells and whistles you won’t use. For example, a video background can slow your site down and distract readers.

4. Try out the free versions first

The great thing about WordPress is that valuable plugins are available for pretty much any function you need. You can play with free versions of your favorite themes before deciding. There are often subtle differences between the various levels of premium WordPress themes, so it’s always good to test everything out before selecting.

5. Make sure you can customize your chosen theme

Nothing is quite as frustrating as looking at your site and thinking, “I wish I could change that”. Considering this, it’s vital to make sure you can tweak your chosen theme so it better matches the style of your blog. After all, there are few things worse than creating a new blog post only to find out your WordPress theme doesn’t support setting an image as a header. That said, you can get the assistance of an app development company like Elegant Media to help you customize your site.

6. Check the support options

WordPress themes are designed to be flexible and give you much creative freedom. They don’t come with a lot of support, though. So if you choose a premium WordPress theme, make sure there’s a good support option should you have any issues customizing your site. Free WordPress themes are ideal because you can usually get help from other users online or the developer themselves.

7. Check for regular updates and bug fixes

It should go without saying that your chosen theme should have regular updates to ensure your site stays safe from hackers. This is particularly important if your site handles sensitive information like credit card details or personal data. Check for regular updates to ensure your WordPress theme has the latest virus protection built in.

With all of this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for writers so you can take your site to the next level.

5 WordPress Themes for Writers

There are many themes out there, but we’ve found that the following 5 themes hit the all-important sweet spot when it comes to writers expressing themselves.


Astra WordPress Theme
Astra is a lightweight theme for WordPress, which is excellent for writers. Astra’s clean, responsive design is perfect for establishing a strong and solid identity for your blog. It will adapt to the screen size and resolution of any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Astra also has a unified color palette and typography, so content is consistent across all displays. Furthermore, Astra has extensive social media integration, including Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter cards, which means you can easily share your content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Ultra WordPress Theme
Ultra is also an excellent WordPress theme. It’s touted as a theme for developers but can be easily helpful for writers. It looks great, loads quickly, and supports various post formats. The default layout is responsive and accessible for all devices. It also integrates social media buttons on the blog page which helps readers find your work on popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It also has an elegant design for portfolio pages. Ultra is by Themify, which provides a solid base for the theme. It also offers an option to extend your site with custom features and modifications through the built-in Theme Options. It’s also compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin and has a lot of customization options. It features a vibrant color scheme, making it suitable for any business, portfolio site, or blog featuring creative projects and visuals using color theory.


Tinos WordPress Theme
Tinos is a gorgeous WordPress minimalist theme for writers and bloggers. But it’s not just any theme; it’s one of the few themes that does not attempt to look beautiful. Instead, Tinos is designed for speed and simplicity. That means uncluttered aesthetics with ease of use in mind. Tino’s theme is intended to be gorgeous without being complicated. It’s not a visual novel or super-modern UI; it’s clean yet simple, functional yet elegant. Tinos has been created with writing and blogging in mind. It is perfect for any writer who wants to share their content with the world quickly.


Elegant is a beautiful WordPress minimalist theme with a clean design. It’s one of the most popular and best-selling WordPress themes on Themify. This theme comes with a lot of the features you would expect from a premium theme, including color options, a gorgeous grid layout for your blog posts, an easily customizable header image and logo, social media integration options for Facebook and Twitter, automatic thumbnails for post images to make them beautiful before you even upload them to your site. Tons of great customization features let you personalize the feel of this theme to suit your needs and compatibility with some plugins like Jetpack or WooCommerce.

Twenty Twenty-One

2021 WordPress Theme
Twenty Twenty-One is a WordPress theme perfect for bloggers and online business owners. Twenty Twenty-One is the ideal choice when you’re looking for an updated, cutting-edge website that stands out from the rest. It features a premium layout with many customizable widgets to create your dream website on an affordable budget. It is also optimized for search engines to attract more visitors to your website. Its responsive design makes it easy to read regardless of the device used. The theme supports video embedding and comes with a tool that helps you to optimise your site for mobile devices. Articles are displayed in a grid layout with enough room for images and text. It uses an uncluttered design so your content gets the attention it deserves instead of being overtaken by background elements. Twenty Twenty-One has multiple color schemes, so you can change the site’s look without touching any code.


In conclusion, these themes are great options for improving writers’ writing experience. With WordPress being a firm favorite among bloggers, you can create an intuitive brand personality for yourself. These themes will make it easy to develop an aesthetic and brand identity that will stand out. They are all easy to install, simple to use, and offer instant gratification.

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